Friday, 19 March 2010

Problems with moving house

So apparently no house is perfect. We moved in on Tuesday and these are the problems we encountered so far:

- Virgin media was supposed to install cable, phone and broadband on Wednesday but about the same day they figured out that our house wasn't in their system so they couldn't provide any services. Sky can do it instead but it will take some time because the house is listed.

-We have two boilers. none of them seem to be able to provide hot water tho. the plumber has been on his way for a few days now and is probably going to show up today between 11 and 13. The time when it is the most inconvenient for me ofc!

-The fridge has still not arrived. We paid our booking fee over a month ago ad thats how long it takes to provide a fridge?? Wow I did not know they were bringing it too us here by foot from china, but I guess it's better for the environment.

There are more tiny stuff that are possible to live with and not really worth mentioning. So I'm sitting here with greasy hair, hungry with nothing to eat and I cant really go out because I'm waiting for the plumber plus I look like a homeless person.

BUT: the flat is so nice, we really like it here and it already feels like home to us. I dont even mind the drunks outside our bedroom window at night.

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