Friday, 12 March 2010

The mystery of the vanishing chopping board

The man of the house wanted to make a late night sandwich. He came into the living room with this look on his face and said that he couldnt find the chopping board. Like always in situations like this I sigh and get up to work my magic. But I couldnt find it either. I mean it has its place in the kitchen, same place as always. If its not there it's usually in the sink.
We searched the kitchen, even in the washing machine and the freezer! Then we just moved on, maybe it had grown legs to try and run away from all the knifing. Maybe it was seeking it's revenge. It wasn't in the bath tub either.  Since we are moving house on tuesday I thought for a second I had packed it in a box or something, doesn't sound like something I would do tho. Packing when its a whole four days left I mean.

So we just stood there in the kitchen staring at each other, started to think about ghosts and alternate universes. Then I saw a spider in the corner of my eye and threw myself in the big comfortable arms of my guy. (For a while he thought the chopping board was attacking me) He came to my rescue and "removed" the spider from the wall. And then he held me for a while, and while he did that I saw the chopping board. Hiding against the white tile ... right next to where the spider was.

And who put it there?

And yes we need more than one chopping board, and yes we are getting the granite one from argos. And yes we have been saying that for 6 months now.

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