Thursday, 11 March 2010

The magnolia England

Everywhere I go I see the color "magnolia", a bright beige/white color. It has gone so far it's making me sick actually. I am not exaggerating at all now when I say that every landlord in at least this area paint the interiors of the houses in magnolia.

The place we live in now is in .... magnolia. Every room!
The place we are moving to .... magnolia.

I will get rid of it. As god is my witness I will never live in a magnolia house again! At least one wall here and there will be another color or I will go into a magnolia coma. Why even sell other colors when every single person buy the same color?

This is the old fireplace at the current house, it is the wall closest to me and i felt like writing about this without having to move from my seat because I'm lazy. (And I should be packing)

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