Wednesday, 10 March 2010

One week countdown until the move - 7 days

In 7 days we need to be out of this flat and into another.

Have I started packing? .... No
Do I have time to pack?..... Naaaaah

But there is no time as the present. I better start NOW. But where do I start? Anyone? What do I leave to the very last minute? Kitchenware? What can I live without for a week?

There is nothing I hate more than moving. A new home is always exciting but the move itself, that's hell pretty much.
I know how it's gonna end up, last day I will throw everything in black bags. I did actually ban the black bags this time, but I doubt that is going to make a difference. And then when the move is done 7 glasses is going to be broken, 18 random items will be missing and I will not finish unpacking until christmas.

1 comment:

  1. we will NOT use black bags! its decided after all :]