Sunday, 4 April 2010

What to do with insane neighbours

A few days ago we finally got internet again. Finally, life is so much easier now.

On Friday night, or more like Saturday morning at 3.30 I flew out of bed because the whole house was shaking. The upstairs neighbours had brought some guys home with them and decided it was a good idea to have a party. Since it was impossible to fall back asleep with them jumping around, screaming and playing music we decided to just get up and wait it out.
They never stopped!
Or eventually they did but its hard to say when because around 9 the sounds of the streets and the environment around us blended in with the rest of the noise. I really hope this is an isolated incident. I haven't met the girls upstairs yet but so far it annoys me that they have absolutely no respect for their neighbours by partying loud and late, removing their fake nails in the stairs, leaving beer cans outside our door and leaning out their windows yelling at the people outside.

Bad neighbours can make the best home feel like a prison where you don't have a saying in when to sleep or being able to relax. Since we have a years lease on this place and we are determined to make a home of it and probably stay here for 18 months we are going to deal with this and not just let it be. We intend to talk to the girls before we do anything though because we don't want to surprise them with a warning from the landlord. That might just make things worse.
Maybe they are just clueless. Me myself is not going to talk to them though, I'm not English and polite as my boyfriend. So he will have to talk to them. I come from the land of angry notes and revenge.

What is the best way to deal with bad neighbours?

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